1. Class And 2. Class Committee System And Quiz Dates

Dear students,

We hope you and your families are in good health.

We are constantly working for online and live lessons in order to be able to overcome this difficult period with the most efficient way in terms of education, and your participation and intense interest make us happy.

Before the committee exams and final exams that we postponed all after the Spring Semester; with our course coordinators and Faculty Board, we decided to do an online quiz during the Spring Semester. These exams will both show the effectiveness of the lectures, motivate you to study and will be a preparation for the final exams.

Quizzes will be held on the UZEM system. On the date and time to be announced to you, you will access the page of the relevant course in UZEM and use the password that will be separate for each quiz given to you. You will be informed about the rules you must follow during the exam on the course page.

These quizzes will have a 20% impact on the related committee exam score.

1. Class İNG Quiz Program
Committee Name Quiz Date Quiz Time
Cardiovascular System (BMS3) 20.Nis.20 11.00
Dental Tissues and Material Science (CS3) 24.Nis.20 11.00
Gastrointestinal System (BMS4) 30.Nis.20 11.00
Urogenital System (BMS5) 22.May.20 11.00


2. Class İNG Quiz Program
Committee Name Quiz Date Quiz Time
Dental Tissue Diseases and Treatments II (CS3) 24.Nis.20 11.00
Fixed Prosthetic Restorations (CS2) 8.May.20 11.00
Dental Tissue Diseases and Treatments III (CS4) 21.May.20 11.00
Basics of Diseases II (BMS3) 13.May.20 11.00



We believe all of you will be successful. We wish you healthy days.

Deanship of the Faculty of Dentistry