Prof. Dr. M. Mutahhar ULUSOY
Prof. Dr. M. Mutahhar ULUSOY
Head of Prosthesis Department
Head of Department of Clinical Sciences
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Professor Mutahhar Ulusoy was born in Yozgat. He completed his Elementary, Middle, and High School education in Yozgat. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry in 1971 and completed his PhD studies at the same faculty in 1974. He became Associate Professor in 1979 and  Professor in 1986.

Between 1982 and 1986 he worked as Vice Dean at Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry. He has been the Vice-Rector of Dicle University and Dean of Dicle University Faculty of Dentistry during the years 1986-1988. Between 1997-2000 he was a member of the Senate of Ankara University, and Chairman of the Prosthetic Dentistry Department at Ankara University during the years 1998-2001. He has been a member of the Higher Education Council Accreditation Committee for Dental Diplomas between1997-2003 and head of the Research Ethics Committee at Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry between the years 2007- 2009. He has been continuing his position as the Dean of Near East University Faculty of Dentistry since 2010.

Professor Mutahhar Ulusoy published scientific books,  articles in refereed international journals,  articles in national refereed journals and directed 15 pHD thesis. He presented a lot of papers in international and national scientific meetings and those papers were published in the booklets (Proceedings). He is a member of Turkish Prosthodontics and Implantology Association and is in the referee list of various scientific journals published in Turkey. Professor Mutahhar Ulusoy is married to his colleague, Professor Nuran Ulusoy and is the father of two children.

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