Regarding 2022-23 Course Selections

Course Selection Guide

Dear Students,

We share with you the guide that includes the courses you need to choose for the new academic year.

Please click for the guide: 2022-23 NEU Dentistry Course Selection Guide


Guide for Spring Term Elective Courses

Dear Students,

As you know, there are quotas in our elective courses. It is important that you quickly register for the elective courses that interest you. We share with you the list of elective courses and the short contents of the courses. At the beginning of the list, information is given about how many elective courses each class should choose.

Click for the list of elective courses: 2022-23 ENG Spring Term Elective Course List


How do I register for my Elective Courses?

Stage 1: You must first register for elective courses on the UZEBİM platform. As of 7 February 2023, you will be able to choose the elective course(s) you want to take on the UZEBİM platform. At this point, you have to be fast. Because when the quota for the relevant course is full, you will not be able to register for the course and you will have to choose another course.

Stage 2: After the elective courses are selected on the UZEBİM platform, you will be asked to select the relevant course(s) on the Genius platform as well.

Step 3: The elective courses you have registered for at UZEBİM will be approved by the advisors after your selection on the Genius platform before the registration quota is full! At this point, wait for your advisor to approve. We remind you that the courses you are not registered for in UZEBİM will not be approved by your advisor on the Genius platform.

We wish you a healthy semester.