To the Attention of Year 1 Students!
Date Added: 13 September 2021, 21:19
Last Updated Date:17 September 2021, 16:09

Dear Students,

Welcome to Near East University Faculty of Dentistry!

Before the start of the new education year on September 20, you have to complete your course registration on the Genius Student Information Portal during the week of September 13-17. Students who pass the preparatory school exemption exam are allowed to register for year-1 courses.

After making your course selection under the guidance of the Course Selection Guide we have prepared for you, your advisor must approve the courses you have chosen. You can find your advisors and their corresponding e-mail addresses in the attached documents below. After your course selection is approved in Genius Student Information Portal, you need to register for the courses you have chosen on the platform of our university’s distance education center – UZEBİM ( Announcements and material sharing about the courses will be made at UZEBİM.

All your practical courses are going to be held on face-to-face; your theoretical lessons will be held in the hybrid education model.

You can contact the theoretical course coordinator via and the practical course coordinator via

You should contact your advisors and class coordinators via your e-mail addresses including extension. Make sure your e-mail addresses are activated.

We wish you a healthy and successful academic year.

Deanship of Faculty of Dentistry

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