Year 3 Fall Term Course Schedule
Date Added: 15 September 2021, 14:02
Last Updated Date:17 September 2021, 16:08

Dear students,

You can find the 3rd year academic schedule in the attachment.  A hybrid education model is planned for theoretical courses of the year 3 English Program in which some committees will be held face-to-face, some will be online. You can find the details in the schedule. For face-to-face courses, you should use the big hall on the first floor of the dentistry faculty.

All practical lessons will be conducted face to face. The details of your practical courses will be announced to you by the Practical Coordinatorship.

Make your course selections from the Genius student information system by considering the Course Selection Guide and make sure that your advisor approves it. You must also register for the courses in UZEBİM. Courses will be visible on UZEBİM in the coming days.

We wish you a healthy and successful academic year.

Year 3 Theoretical Coordinatorship


Click here to check out the program: Year 3 – Fall Term Schedule