Assoc. Prof. Dr. Umut AKSOY
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Umut AKSOY
Department of Endodontics Faculty Member
Vice Director of Graduate Education Institute
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Umut Aksoy was born in Ankara in 1984. In 2002, he graduated from Adana ÇEAŞ Seyhan Anatolian High School, and in 2007 he graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry. Then, he started his doctorate education at Near East University Institute of Health Sciences, Department of Endodontics. In 2012, he defended his doctoral thesis titled "In vitro investigation of the diffusion of calcium and hydroxyl ions through dentinal tubules to the root surface from MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) and BioAggregate." and received the title of PhD. In 2013, he was appointed as an assistant professor at Near East University. In 2018, he was awarded the title of associate professor and appointed to the associate professorship. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Umut Aksoy was appointed as the Vice Director of the Institute of Health Sciences in 2020 and the Vice Director of the Institute of Graduate Education in 2021. At the same time, as of September 2023, he has been serving as a member of the board of directors at the Near East University Quality and Accreditation Coordinator-ship. He has numerous articles in national and internationally indexed journals, speeches, and presentations at congresses and symposiums. His academic interests include endodontic treatment and techniques, apical periodontitis and related diseases, endodontic pharmacology, the systemic relationship of dental diseases, root canal anatomy, and endodontic radiology. He is married and has one child.

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